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avril 12, 2022

L’IoT en Chine : opportunités et spécificités

La Chine est le pays de l’IoT, avec 80% des acteurs présents sur son territoire. Peu utilisé dans la vente au détail pour l’instant, l’IoT peut devenir un outil indispensable, pour affiner les stratégies commerciales et atténuer les risques. Usages dans le commerce au détail Quelques utilisations ont commencé à apparaître, avec les restrictions liées à […]

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novembre 29, 2021

China Telecom won « Best IoT Initiative » award at 2021 Global Carrier awards at Capacity Europe

China Telecom Global (CTG) has won the “Best IoT Initiative” award at the 2021 Global Carrier Awards that took place during Capacity Europe (October 18th-21st). This year the prestigious event returned as a live ceremony in London. A panel of 25 judges created a shortlist that recognised the most innovative players by region and industry […]

novembre 18, 2021

How can CTE provided solutions enhance the experiences of your China-based users?

According to the most recent data, China has over 900 million internet users. This vast user base highlights the potential for growth that a business can have by expanding or setting up operations in this market. However, this is not without its challenges. Customers are increasingly impatient when it comes to website loading times, with […]

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novembre 17, 2021

Enabling SaaS platforms between Europe and China – APAC

Cloud based communication, voice and file sharing platforms have a myriad of benefits. The movement to the cloud means businesses spend less time installing and maintaining expensive IT hardware. In addition, most SaaS platforms such as Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) take the responsibility for maintaining the security and compliance of the platform […]

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novembre 17, 2021

How Alibaba Cloud enables the world’s largest commercial holiday

Despite being a relatively new arrival on the commercial holiday scene, online and offline sales on Single’s day has already exceeded both ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. Single’s day, also known as Bachelor’s day, started in the 1990s as a day for Nanjing university students to celebrate their bachelordom. Even though it was originally made […]

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août 26, 2020

China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. launches CTExcel Mobile service at celebrations for two successful years in Italy

China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. launches CTExcel Mobile service at celebrations for two successful years in Italy Last updated 15 July 2020 China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. (CTE) launches its CTExcel mobile communication service in Italy on July 15, 2020, in an online ceremony marking the second anniversary of its Italian Office. The CTExcel mobile communication service […]